Troop 8 - Summer Camp 2014

Below is the individual status of the scouts for summer camp.

*Please note additional fees do NOT include supply fees for certain classes. (i.e. Indian Lore, Basketry, Leatherwork, etc.) Supplies can be bought at the scout shop here and taken to camp or purchased at camp. Fees are outlined in the Merit Badge Guide.

Last Update 6/8/14

Scout Name Permission Slip Medical Forms Insurance

High Adventure

Cleared for Camp
Colton B. Yes Complete PAID Yes
Connor B. Yes Complete   Yes
Liam B. Yes Complete   Yes
Seth B. Yes Complete   Yes
Matt C. N/A Complete PAID Yes
Sean G.        
Ezra G. Yes Complete PAID Yes
Kenton G. Yes Complete   Yes
Alec H. Yes Complete   Yes
Adam H. Yes Complete   Yes
Jonah H. Yes Complete   Yes
Aaron H.        
Daniel H.   Complete   Yes
Patrick H.   Complete PAID Yes
Gage K. N/A need A&B PAID  
Robert K. N/A Complete PAID Yes
Brian L. Yes Need 2nd Copy PAID  
Landen M. N/A Complete   Yes
Luc M. Yes Complete   Yes
Harrison R.   Complete    
Cole R.        
Ian R. Yes Complete   Yes
Anthony S.        
Ben S.        
Connor S. N/A Complete   Yes
Gabe U. Yes Complete PAID Yes
Andrew W. Yes Complete   Yes
Zach W. Yes Complete   Yes
Brandon W. Yes Complete   Yes
Evan W. Yes Complete PAID Yes
Aidan Y. N/A Need Reverse of Insurance