Troop 8 - Summer Camp 2014

Below are scouts reserved for summer camp 2014. Reservations are made on a first come first served basis. There are currently 40 spots for scouts (including high adventure) and 9 spots for adults reserved (+1 high adventure).

If your name is in red then you are registered for that spot. If your name is in black then you are not confirmed with Ottari yet or are on the waiting list to go to camp.

Last Update 4/24/14

Base Camp Ottari SCUBA Claytor Lake Voyageur Mountain Man New River H.A. NYLT
Evan W. Robert K. Evan W. Connor S.      
Brandon W. Matt C. Gabe U. Brian S.
  Brian L.  
Robert K.   Ezra G.        
Colton B.   Gage K.        
Connor B.   Colton B.        
Matt C.   Patrick H.        
Jonah H.            
Zach W.            
Connor S.            
(10) Ian R.            
Patrick H.            
Daniel H.            
Alec H.            
Harrison R.            
Sean G.            
Kenton G.            
Liam B.            
Cole R.            
Gabe U.            
(20) Landen M.            
Aidan Y.            
Ben S.            
Gage K.            
Aaron H.            
Luc M.            
Brian L.            
Ezra G.            
Seth B.            
Adam H.            
(30) Andrew W.            
Anthony S.