Troop 8 Policies

Enrollment Requirements for Joining the Troop

If your son is interested in joining the unit, the following are required:

  1. Fill out a scout application and have it signed by a parent.

  2. Fill out a medical form and have it signed by a parent (it is found on the back of application). Both parents need to complete a resource survey form.

  3. Fill out a transportation form and understand that you may need to provide transportation for activities.

  4. Pay the registration fee as outlined below if he has not worked the annual fundraiser.

Annual Fundraiser

Each family understands that one of the requirements for joining the unit is a commitment for working troop fundraisers. What makes Troop 8 special in the scouting program is that when families and scouts work and support our annual Fundraising Dinner and other fundraisers as required, the unit picks up the total cost of the scouting program for the year. In order to not undermine the importance of this effort by members of the unit, the unit has adopted the following requirement for youth wanting to join the unit after the annual fundraiser.

  1. Registration fees will be $30 for the first month he joins. This is used to pay his annual scout fees and unit costs. He will receive a Scout Handbook when his fee is paid.

  2. There will be a monthly fee of $25 including the month of April. The monthly fees will be used for his monthly camping and activities cost. This fee is due on the first meeting of each month.

  3. Payment can be in cash or check. Make check out to BSA Troop 8.

  4. If your son decides to resign from the unit, all enrollment funds are non-refundable.

  5. Each youth will be required to pay for his own summer camp fee if he decides to attend.

  6. At times, the unit may assess all the scouts, including those who worked the annual fundraiser, an extra fee for an event.

  7. Normal gas expenses incurred by parents are not reimburses. Parents may keep track of these expenses and use them as tax deductions.

  8. The fundraising event is held each year in April. If the scout and his family have supported the fundraiser and the scout has satisfied his obligation for the fundraiser, he will not be required to pay any monthly fees starting in May of that year.

  9. Starting in May, the unit will pick up all costs including the summer camp fee.

Uniform Policy

Why do scouts wear uniforms? Because a uniform provides a standard, promotes group spirit, and delineates equality among the members of the troop. Our unit wears two types of uniforms:

Class A uniform: scout shirt and scout pants or scout shorts. They are required for Summer Camp and Scout Sunday and weekly meetings and as designated by the adult committee. This uniform is never inappropriate. The Scout Handbook shows the proper class a uniform with patches and their proper location.

There are two Class A uniforms in our unit.
  1. Boy Scout uniform is the tan scout shirt and scout green long pants or shorts.

  2. Venture Scout Uniform is the green Venture shirt and venture pants, or the green boy scout pants. Either can be worn with this Class A uniform. Venture Scouts can wear either uniform, but Boy Scouts must wear the tan scout shirt.

    Class A Uniforms do not include blue jeans!

Class B uniform: A red knit scout shirt or Troop 8 T-shirt or any other scout T-shirt and blue jeans or shorts. Troop 8 t-shirts are provided without charge to each scout in the unit. These uniforms are worn for campouts and non-formal events. Your son will be advised when this uniform is appropriate. Also check the web site.

*** National Boy Scout Policy States than NO BOY SCOUTS OR ADULTS will wear Military uniforms of any type during any scout event or scout outing. No shirts or pants at anytime. This was decided at the 2005 Fall District Camporee and our council Chief Executive said he would enforce the policy of military Uniforms.

Health and Safety

Some simple rules apply to all the troop activities. Please be sure you and your son understand these for the protection of all.

  2. No gym shoes during cold weather. Waterproof boots are required from Oct. 1 through June 1.

  3. Physical games only with scoutmaster approval.

  4. If a scout brings home a discipline note, the parents must discuss the reason for the note with the adult committee chairperson before the scout will be permitted to return to the troop meeting or events.

  5. Flammable fuel equipment to be used only under direct adult supervision.

  6. Axes and saws to be used in designated areas only.

  7. No riding on the outside of any vehicle. This included in the back of pickup trucks. Sons with fathers are not exempt of this rule. All scouts must have a seat belt and must be worn. No exceptions to these rules.

  8. Waterways are always off limits.

  9. No fireworks, firearms or any weapons at any event.

  10. No alcohol or illegal drugs.

  11. Any scouts who must take prescription drugs during a scouting event must turn them into the leader in charge. They must be in a Ziploc bag with simple direct instructions for use. A leader will dispense them per directions.

  12. No radios, mp3 players, disc players, etc. Only by prior scoutmaster approval.

  13. No fixed-blade sheath knives for scouts without prior approval and supervision.

  14. No open toe shoes are to be worn at any time to scout events or meetings.

  15. Married couples camping with the troop at a "Troop, District, or National event" are not permitted to camp in the same tent. They must camp in separate tents. Events like family campouts are excluded. They are "family" events and not troop events.

  16. Females who camp with the troop at "Troop, District, or National events" should have a separate area set up for female campers. They are not permitted to camp in the "same" general area as the youth.

Rule numbers 15 and 16 were added because of a National BSA policy change affecting the subject matter. Updated on 3-20-04